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About Us

VOLKSLIFT is building bridges. As Elevators and Escalators bridge different levels, VOLKSLIFT is bridging continents, cultures and economic zones. We invite you to join building bridges together with us and make the world a better place. VOLKSLIFT will have further development. We firmly believe that the exploration will never stop, similar to the fact that people never stop their hopes and exploration for the sky.

Rapid response and ready resolution supported by our in-house 24/7 contact centre and emergency call service for repairs and rescue island wide.

Proper accountable maintenance control leading to a consistent working of the elevators and escalators, minimizing potential vulnerabilities and costs.

Optimum standards of safe operation and safety performance benchmarked against official requirements and backed by safety corporate values.

High uninterrupted service availability reached with possibly low breakdown rate, reduced callback rate and minimal downtime.

Peak-performing smooth operation and system leveraging our extensive onsite technical knowledge, experience and expertise.

Complete care and ownership in overseeing the end-to-end needs of your vertical transportation, easing your burden of managing its asset, performance and costs.


VOLKSLIFT Elevator (China) Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is a joint venture commonly funded by German VOLKSLIFT Group with over 80 years of experience and Huzhou Xunda Elevator with over 30 years of expe­rience. Since 1935, the prior companies of German VOLKSLIFT and the predecessors of today’s Directors established the company philosophy which is based on advanced in­ dustry technology and on German’s unique preference to perfect quality. With the deep understanding of bilateral cooperation, the two partners have formed a consistent concept of elevator research, de­sign, manufacture and service. Through the development of global economic integration, German VOLKSLIFT adheres to its strat­egy and seeks for long term partners all over the world. In the cooperation, VOLKSLIFT spreads the German virtues to its partners in China and to global markets.


The VOLKSLIFT work force consists of 400 people, whereby 16 % have a graduate de­gree, 24 % a vocational degree and 55 % a high school degree. The average age is 35 years. The registered capital is over 30 Mio. Euro. The company covers 214,000 m2 for stan­dard workshop and manufacturing center of core parts, which will be doubled in 2015. VOLKLSIFT has a 108m high test tower, six test shafts and a high speed elevator run­ning 7 m/s that has been successfully tested, as well as industrial leading product quality and R&D capability. It can manufacture more than 30,000 elevators annually. European sourced flexible sheet metal processing pro­duction line, robot automatic welding system and other advanced equipment have been in­troduced, based on substantial investments, so as to realize modern professional elevator manufacture in highly efficient production and highest quality.

Core Technology

The available intelligent elevator control sys­tems are based on advanced technologies, such as realtime operating system, fuzzy logic and neural networks. Our controls can support up to ten elevator groups and up to 96 floors and dispatching services, which significantly improves the accuracy of group control allocation, reduces waiting time, respondes to requirements of passengers in the shortest period of time and therefore is suitable for different architectural layouts and designs. With top­of­the­art VOLKSLIFT also provides destination control systems which increase the capacity of the elevator groups by 15–30 %, depending on the traffic situation.

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