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Example of Servicing Program

Services To Be Perform Every Month

  1. Check door operation, speed and reopen condition.
  2. Check riding comfort during starting, running, decelerating and stopping.
  3. Check for vibration and noise during running.
  4. Check the car leveling.
  5. Check the car response to hall call.
  6. Check the condition of motor room including ventilation, leakage, lighting and furnishings example; fire extinguisher, DANGER signage and etc.
  7. Check for any abnormality of control systems in control panel and safety circuit.
  8. Check the governor operation condition, noise and vibration.
  9. Check the brake condition including noise, oil adhesion and slipping.
  10. Check the car top condition and emergency stop switch operation.
  11. Check car lighting, fan and emergency alarm bell.
  12. Check condition of locking device for hall doors.

Services To Be Performed Every Two Months

  1. Lubricate pin and moving parts of governor, safety link at car top, guide shaft, sleeve bearing, chain of car door, linkage of hall door, equipment supporting pin of brakes and parts apt to rust.
  2. Check the car safety gear and operation of jaw and roller.
  3. Check operation of car indicator, hall indicator and supervisory panel.
  4. Check car door switch and safety edge.
  5. Check operation of hoistway limit switches.
  6. Check main rope, guide rail and buffer.
  7. Check the lift pit condition including the lighting, water leakage and cleaning.
  8. Clean the hall door rail and check the locking condition.

Services To Be Performed Every Three Months

  1. Check relay and contactors of control panels.
  2. Check and clean the inductor or optical switches.
  3. Check the condition of wiring of control panels.
  4. Check the condition of fixings, alignment and tension of car door mechanism, chain and V-belt.
  5. Check the door guide shoe for abrasion, deformation and tightening of screws.
  6. Check the condition of car door sill.
  7. Clean car door rail.

Services To Be Performed Every Six Months

  1. Check voltage of power source, motor, brake and control panel.
  2. Check the fixings of governor, sheaves and clean where necessary.
  3. Grease the bearings of governor and sheaves.
  4. Lubricate car and counterweight guide rails.
  5. Check the condition of car guide shoes.
  6. Check the fixings of double nuts, split pin of car rope hitch and counterweight hitch.
  7. Check the fixings of car door link, door safety and car door cam.
  8. Clean the brush and commutator of car door motor (DC motor).
  9. Check the condition of traveling cable and compensating chain.
  10. Check the fixings of buttons, terminals and switches at the car operating panel.
  11. Check the condition of hall door hanger, closer, door contact and door shoes.
  12. Check the traction motor for leakage, oil level and oil condition.

Services To Be Performed Every Year

  1. Check the condition of printed circuit boards, breakers, fuses, resistors, condensers and relays.
  2. Check the fixing of wiring in the control panel, motor, brake, car and hall fixtures.
  3. Check oil and sheaves of traction machine.
  4. Check the condition of car guide shoes and counterweight guide shoes.
  5. Check the oil level of oil buffer.

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